JMM Girls Tennis

After winning the Dane County Invite and sweeping both Sun Prairie and La Follette 7-0, the JMM girls tennis team is looking forward to their best season yet! Player snapshots:


Grace Olson – hits GRACE-ful shots

Julia Zhou – JZ the beast runs down every last ball

Nikita Remesh – the lone frosh in a sea of seniors

Jessica Jiang – coolest tape tan lines

Anna Hubbard – serves an ace and does the Anna Dance

Devika Kamath – her backhands pack a punch

Megan Li – burns forehands down the line

Catherine Wu – with her height, she could be playing volleyball, but instead, she volleys balls!

Janna Liu – life without this lefty wouldn’t be right

Meera Manoharan – funniest person off the courts

Natalie Denlinger-Drumm – it’s a good thing soccer season is in spring!


– By Megan Li

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