LeGone James- LeBron’s Departure from Cleveland

On July 1st, 2018, LeBron James’ agent made an official twitter statement announcing that the 33 year old great signed a four year $153 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. James will be departing the Cavaliers after calling Cleveland his home for the past 4 years.


What will this addition mean for the Lakers? Well to put it lightly, the Lakers’ 35 wins, 47 losses in the 2016-2017 season, although admittedly better than the past four years, was not great.  The Lakers need a leader to drive them ahead, and that leader was not Lonzo Ball, despite what his father, living meme Lavar Ball predicted. That leader will be LeBron James. I think that just bringing his experience to a relatively young team will elevate their play and hopefully end the Lakers’ five year drought of missing out on the playoffs.


His stats say it all. After being drafted first pick in 2003 and named rookie of the year, LeBron James has had nine NBA finals appearances- eight of which have been consecutive, three NBA championships, three NBA finals MVPs to match, four  regular season MVP awards, 14 All-Star game appearances (out of his 15 seasons in the NBA), two Olympic Gold medals, and was appointed as the first Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association. Needless to say, the $153 million deal was justified, and James definitely has the ability to change the Lakers’ dynamic for the better.


LeBron may be LeGone, but his mark on the Buckeye State will remain forever. In addition to bringing Ohio it’s first NBA title, the LeBron James Family Foundation has funded the creation of a school for at risk students in Akron, Ohio. James’ I Promise Elementary School opened on July 30th, 2018. Hence the name, the students attending are promising -among other things- to lead a healthy lifestyle, listen to their teachers, and above all, to finish school. The students who manage to complete the I Promise program and graduate high school will receive a full tuition scholarship to the University of Akron, paid by Lebron himself.


The 2018/ 2019 season is sure to be an exciting one. The Lakers have a fighting chance of going to the playoffs, and LeBron leaving the East Conference will open the door for a new contender to face the Western Conference Champs. One thing’s for certain, this will be an interesting season to watch.


– By Lily Lowndes

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