Sword & Shield 2018-19 Official Editor Application Instructions

NOTE: In order to apply for an editor position, you must have written at least one article for the Sword & Shield for the 2017-18 school year.


  1. On a word/google doc or email, state your name and your grade

  2. Rank the top three editor positions you are applying for (ex. 1. Student Life Editor 2. News Editor 3. Webmaster )

  3. Write about your qualifications for each position. This can include examples of articles that you’ve written, how you have been involved in the paper, how you stay up to date with the section’s content, how you will maintain/improve the section if chosen, what you will bring to Sword & Shield in general, etc.** Limit your written response to one page single spaced **

  1. Email your application to memorialswordandshield@gmail.com and tparrisford@ madison.k12.wi.us

  2. Results will be announced in the June issue of the Sword & Shield, and online in June. Good luck!



Positions to apply for:

  • Editor-in-Chief – oversees all the Sword & Shield activities

  • Arts & Entertainment Editor – in charge of Artist-of-the-Month, horoscopes, games, reviews, etc.

  • Copy Editor – looks over each issue for errors before going to print

  • Opinion Editor – seeks out (and writes) opinion articles for the newspaper

  • Sports Editor – seeks out and writes all sports articles, manages the “Prep Profiles”

  • Student News Editor – should have a good grasp on what is happening at Memorial High School, seeks out articles that the student body would have interest in.

  • Layout Editor – has a good understanding of Adobe InDesign

  • Operations Editor & Webmaster – website and tech management, advertisement


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