To start out the 2018 PyeongChang paralympics, drummers recreated a traditional welcoming received by royal guests. This modern take on bin-rye welcomed spectators and athletes from all over the world. Then the wheel of passion appeared, symbolizing the never ending circle of life and showing that humanity and equality are limitless in the world. The wheel then unwinded into 4 petals to showcase courage, determination, inspiration, and equality.


During these winter games, USA won 13 gold, 15 silver, and 8 bronze medals for a total of 36, taking home the most medals since 2002.


Gold finishers- 1st gold was women’s 6km sitting biathlon (Kendall Gretsch), Men’s 7.5km sitting biathlon (Daniel Cnossen), Men’s sitting downhill skiing (Andrew Kurka), Women’s 12km sitting biathlon (Kendall Gretsch), Women’s banked slalom SB-LL1 (Brenna Huckaby), women’s 5km cross country skiing (Oksana Masters), and Men’s sled Hockey team.


Silver finishers- Men’s 15k sitting biathlon (Daniel Cnossen), Men’s Sitting Giant Slalom (Tyler Walker), Men’s sitting super-G (Andrew Kurka), Women’s 12.5km biathlon (Oksana Masters), Men’s 15k sitting biathlon (Daniel Cnossen), Women’s banked slalom SB-LL2 (Brittani Coury men’s banked slalom SB-LL1 (Mike Schultz), and Men’s banked slalom SB-LL2 (Evan Strong).


Bronze finishers- Women’s sitting downhill skiing (Laurie Stephens), Women’s 6km sitting biathlon (Oksana Masters), Women’s 12km sitting biathlon (Oksana Masters), Women’s banked slalom SB-LL1 (Amy Purdy) Men’ banked slalom SB-UL (Mike Minor), and Men’s banked slalom SB-LL1 (Noah Elliott).


– Naomi Wong

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