When in Rome

Get ready to be transported to the magical era of ancient Rome! Rome will be brought to Madison Wisconsin in this year’s prom! That’s right. The magic of Rome will be seen throughout the Alliant Energy Center on May 5th, 2018. The walls will be adorned with detailed hand crafted floral vines, and the halls will be embellished with life sized Roman columns. In addition, the junior class officers have envisioned to adorn the place with a white, gold, and green accented color scheme.

I know you all are dying to enter the sets of Rome. Fortunately, prom is almost here! This year prom will be held on May 5th, 2018; tickets are only $25.

This year’s prom committee – Joanne Martinez (President), Riva Shrestha (Vice President), Ann Kerr (Treasurer), and Caroline Gosselin (Secretary) – hopes that everyone will attend the enchanting city of Rome as a way to end the year with their friends at a glamorous event while having fun and relaxing before a stressful week of AP testing. Guests will also be treated with cake throughout the night.

The junior class officers are extremely excited for the turnout and are hoping that everyone can come and join them on this wonderful evening!


– Ruchi Shah and Amisha Talati

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