Talk With Coach Slempkes



  • What are your academic expectations for your players both on and off season?


      • My academic expectations are very similar to most sports: prioritize academics first, students need to meet with their teachers, making sure assignments are turned in.


  • How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year?


      • I try to work on things as a progression, and this is my third year as a Girls head coach, and each year we have increased on numbers, to streamline our systems and to utilize our coaching staff more, by giving them more ownership with their groups, and taking more leadership roles.


  • How does a typical day at practice look like?


      • A typical day at practice is that athletes check in with their 1 of 8 line leader which are mostly seniors, do their pre-warm-up; which includes band walks and bodyweight squats, and then do announcement of important events that are coming up, then do the team warm-up, sprint warm-up/event groups, finish with strength/core workout, and would see the trainer if they need to.


  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a coach?


      • Strengths: Motivating our athletes by trying to keep real with them, but also fun and engaging and also have high expectations from the athletes.
      • Weakness: Try to work on communication, and  managing my time


  • What are your best and worst memories in coaching?


      • Best Memories: Still to come for Girls Track, but last year, getting to second place in conference and about 12-13 athletes qualify for states last year, which was a huge improvement from the previous years.
      • Worst memories: not meeting my expectations that I have set for myself for the team, and there is no bad moments as long as we learn from them and take it as a learning opportunities.


  • What is your philosophy on discipline (during practices)?


      • Set a team rule that have been cleared at the parent meeting. I also like to approach things much like the school does,by fully understanding that young people are going to need opportunities to learn from their mistakes.


  • What’s your favorite track event?


      • My favorite track event was long/triple jump in high school.


  • What are you most looking forward to this season?


      • Something that I most looking forward to this season is seeing progress from last season to this season, and also seeing JV winning their conference against Middleton and Sun Prairie.


  • When are the big meets?
    • The city outdoor meet on the first week of May, Conference on the second week of May, Regionals/Sectionals on the last week of May, and state on the first week of June.

– Rahima Osman


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