Talk With Coach Frontier



  • What are your academic expectations for your players both on and off season?


      • Very specific expectations: having good grades,effort to match your abilities and being a student first than an athlete.


  • How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year?


      • Learn from clinics, come with new ways to fix a problem, lots of strategies to fix errors that are common with different athletes.


  • How does a typical day at practice look like?


      • For throwers, they mostly do the team warm-up. Throw shot puts than discus. Do drills ,lift 4 days a week during indoor season and 3 days a week during outdoor season, and do some core workout.


  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a coach?


      • Strength: Have been doing throws for a long time, and very passionate about it.
      • Weakness: Have a very large group of athletes and can’t get to everyone’s needs everyday. Improving it by giving feedbacks to athletes on a weekly basis.


  • What are your best and worst memories in coaching?


      • Best memories: I take pride whenever there is personal best or sets a record, seeing the athlete enjoy the success.
      • Worst memories:I had a thrower get hit on the face by a discus and broke her nose.


  • What is your philosophy on discipline (during practices)?


      • I have very high expectations, and my throwers do what is expected of them.


  • What’s your favorite field event?


      • Shot put was my favorite field event back in high school because I wasn’t really good at discus, but I enjoy coaching discus than shot put.


  • What are you most looking forward to this season?


      • I always look forward to seeing kids improve on their best every season, and how throwers can contribute to the team’s success.


  • When are the big meets?


    • The city outdoor meet on the first week of May, Conference on the second week of May, Regionals/Sectionals on the last week of May, and state on the first week of June.


–  Rahima Osman

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