Memorial Prepares for its Second Annual All School Read

April marks the beginning of a new annual tradition at Memorial: the All School Read. Beginning last year with the book All American Boys, the All School Read is a month-long, school-wide event where students can participate in discussions, documentary viewings and panels centering around a chosen book and its important social themes.


This year, the planning committeeheaded by Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Weber, Ms. Amado, Ms. Loyd, Ms. Paker and student leadershas decided on the book Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from a Minneapolis High School. The book is a collection of essays written by immigrant students at a school in Minneapolis. Every student received a copy of the book in their second hour on Friday, March 23rd.


The money for books came from fundraising efforts. The biggest donors for the project are Forte Research and Teaching Tolerance.


Students are not required to read the book, nor will they be graded on attendance at events. However, the All School Read committee hopes to bring the Memorial community together to learn and discuss literature and important issues in society.


Sally Herman (senior), a member of the Documentary planning committee, says “I hope everyone chooses to get involved. I think people will really like the book. The stories are captivating, they aren’t very long, and the pictures of the people getting interviewed make it more personal.”


Miranda Moulis (senior), also in the same committee, says “everyone should get involved because we will have fun events and important discussions about immigration.”


For more information and a schedule of events, visit


– Kelly Wu

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