Ultimate Preview

I joined JMM’s frisbee team freshman year hoping to make a few friends, and came away with a deep appreciation for the community and the sport itself. At the first practice I discovered that I was both bamboozled by the plays the team ran and mildly afraid of frisbees. Truthfully, I didn’t like doing something I wasn’t good at, and I considered quitting then and there. Yet I found that no matter how bad I was, my teammates embraced me for my enthusiasm, and for that, I kept coming back to practice to stumble through drill after drill. Heading into the spring of my senior year I couldn´t be more excited, and I’m pleased to say that after a few seasons of cutting I’ve really got a handle on the sport.  I’m ready to meet the new team members and lay out for them exactly how much fun they’re going to have. As we get back into the swing of things, I would encourage any new player to join! Don’t pass up the opportunity because once you catch on you´ll want to be back for more. This year, the women’s team will be lead by Andrea Fruit, Nicole Feiner and I, and the open team by Michael Yee, Ken Adams and Sam Ramer. Our outdoor practices and weekly games will begin around April, so stay posted on the Facebook groups Madison Memorial Ultimate Players and Supporters and Memorial Women’s Ultimate for more specific details. Give this sport a try, because ultimately, you won’t regret it!


– Sally Herman

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