Teal Ribbon Club

Are you interested in preventing sexual assault and harassment? Well, JMM has the perfect club for you! Working hard to battle sexual assault both on and off campus, JMM’s Teal Ribbon Club is accepting new members. In an effort to raise awareness for sexual assault, Teal Ribbon Club is preparing advocacy presentations, fundraising  for the Rape Crisis Center, developing schoolwide campaigns, and communicating with the district.

This year, the members of Teal Ribbon Club have sent a letter to the district about changing the dress code policy, in an effort to make it more gender inclusive and put an end to promoting rape culture.

As April is sexual assault awareness month, Teal Ribbon Club is planning various fundraisers, announcements, and discussions. Make sure that you contribute to these initiatives to end rape culture in our schools!

If you are interested in joining this significant club, they have meetings on Tuesdays during lunch in room 804 in the English Wing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kari Larsen (kslarsen@madison.k12.wi.us), the club president; or Ms.Oryall, the club advisor.

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