Quiz: What Ian’s Pizza Are You?

What location would you visit in Madison?

a. Memorial Union 

b. Henry Vilas Zoo

c. State Street

d. UW Arboretum


What is your Madison go-to grocery store?

a. Pick’ n Save

b. Costco

c. Hy-vee

d. Woodman’s


What is your favorite Madison activity?

a. Biking

b. Kayaking/Sailing

c. Taking pictures of the lake sunset

d. Hiking the Ice Age Trail


What is your favorite Madison tradition?

a. Holiday lights on University Avenue

b. Big snowball fight on Bascom Hill

c. Shows at the Overture Center

d. Farmer’s Markets





Mostly A’s: You are Spinach Feta Pesto Pizza. With the mix of spinach and feta, your interests of both nature and community go together just as well.


Mostly B’s: You are Mac n’ Cheese Pizza. You love to be your spunky unique self and explore Madison in your own way.


Mostly C’s: You are Cheesy Potato with Ranch Pizza. You ooze the beauty of this city with a fascination for entertainment and culture.


Mostly D’s: You are Florentine Pizza. You appreciate good food and good times.


– Evanka Annyapu & Kelly Wu

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