Dog Club

Everyone knows that a man’s number one friend is a dog. In fact, did you know petting a dog allows the hormone oxytocin to be released? This hormone cause that warm feeling of empathy and a sense of attachment in our hearts. Dogs are great and I think we can all agree on that. Now don’t you wish that you could surround yourself with puppies even at school? Well now you can! You can join JMM’s Dog Club!



Dog Club provides students with opportunities to participate in meaningful service and educational events with dogs and with the community. This club is partnering with the Humane Society and other organizations to offer many hands to their paws. It’s a very new service club where they hope to help both canines and humans alike in activities such as walking/assisting new service dogs, a reading buddy program where kids can read to dogs, a walk-a-thon, making blankets for puppies, and many more. This club is for any high schooler who is interested in working with dogs and is looking for a way to earn volunteer hours. They love to include everyone’s ideas and are open to any suggestions to making their club even more enjoyable. Dog Club meets every other Monday in the foods room with their wonderful advisor, Ms. Brutscher. If you are interested in learning more about this incredible club, please be sure to contact Campbell Dunn, Sylvia Greene, Hannah Levenstein, or Riva Shrestha!


– Ruchi Shah, Riva Shrestha, and Amisha Talati

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