All School Read

Hello spartans, there is another All School Read quickly approaching! This April we will be holding the second annual all school read here at JMM. While participation is optional, every staff and student will receive the book, Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from a Minneapolis High School, in order to create a discussion surrounding immigration throughout the school. Green Card Youth Voices is a book about 30 students from Wellstone International High School and their immigration stories. They come from 13 different counties, but share common themes of family, change, and dreams. As I said earlier, we will be discussing the overarching theme of immigration; however, the three weeks of the all school read will be split into three themes: where you are from, who you are, and where you are going. The all school read will start on the second of April with guest speakers from Green Card Voices and the opening of the Traveling Exhibit. On the evening on the 11th and morning of the 12th of April, there will be an author reading and Q & A session. The all school read will end on the 20th with a community potluck celebration. Throughout these three weeks there will be a variety of other activities to get to know the book and to start conversations about immigration. Look out for a full calendar online and make sure to check the all school read website at If you need any more information contact Ms. Mitchell at


– Garrett Kennedy and Sydney Tang

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