1) What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

A. Romantic comedies

B. Spending time with who you love

C. The candy

D. Nothing, I hate it


    2) What is your favorite type of flower?

A. Tulips

B. Roses

C. Sunflowers

D. Pansies


    3) What is your ideal date idea?

A. Staying in for a movie night

B. Going out for a fancy dinner

C. Going ice skating

D. I don’t like dates


    4) Who do you love most?

A. My family

B. My significant other

C. My friends

D. Myself


    5) What’s your favorite fruity candy?

A. Starbursts

B. Skittles

C. Gummy worms

D. Jolly Ranchers




Mostly A’s: LINDT


You’re very lowkey this Valentine’s Day. You’d rather stay in than go out for a big event. You very much value the little things in life and enjoy company and friendship over material things. You’re extremely likeable due to your positivity and bubbly personality.


Mostly B’s: GODIVA


You’re a sucker for romance. You love to cuddle up with your bae and spend all your time with them. You’re very generous and kind, and people enjoy being around you because you radiate tons of love! You’re a huge people person, and you’re always there to provide great relationship advice.


Mostly C’s: HERSHEY’S


You’re definitely a fun lover. You don’t care who you spend Valentine’s Day with, as long as it means there’s candy involved. You get bored very easily and always want to be doing something entertaining. Your friends and family love your eccentric, fun loving personality. People come to you when they’re bored, and you’re quick to fix it.




You don’t care much for Valentine’s Day, and you might not even count it as a real holiday. You’d rather spend the day as you normally do than go out for something special. The only thing you really enjoy about this holiday is the candy discounts afterwards. You’re pretty introverted, but people still love you for your laid back personality and chill vibes.



– Hannah Farnham

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