Interview with the Producers of Old Hollywood TWIRP

The Midwinter Formal at James Madison Memorial took place on Saturday, January 27th 2018. With just a week before the dance, the four sophomore class officers (class of 2020) talked about their unique experience planning TWIRP 2018.


President Bianca Barredo

Vice President Nivedita Remji

Secretary Michelle Shaji

Treasurer Brian Liebau

Q: How did you come up with the theme Old Hollywood?

Bianca Barredo: Well, ever since last year it’s been a vision of mine. When I think back to Midwinter Formal, like last year, for my freshman year, I see a lot of black, darker colors and more casual dresses when compared to homecoming… I thought that it worked well with the whole Old Hollywood scene, with marquee signs, shiny lights, the red carpet and everything!

Q: Tell us about the planning process, how your team worked and the roles each of you had to play.

Michelle Shaji: We all worked together!

Nivedita Remji: We also did some divide and conquer after initial planning. For example, we had someone who ordered supplies, and some people who designed the entrance. At first we made sure we had the idea set, and then from there we split the work between who would do the main entrance, the gym entrance, the photo booth, and the cafeteria area so that we could full plan all the areas that we were responsible for.

Q: The biggest concern?

Bianca Barredo: Everyone just tells us that they “hope the music isn’t bad.” We have some control because we can give the suggestions, but it’s not totally in our control since the DJ is in charge and things have to be school appropriate and all.

Nivedita Remji: Yeah, some people have asked me “I hope the bass isn’t too loud” and I’m like “I can’t do anything about that!”


Q: Favorite part?

Bianca Barredo: The actual dance. I can’t wait to see the work we have done throughout the whole month and my friends’ reactions to it cause they’re already excited to see it.

Michelle Shaji: I think my favorite part would be seeing it all put together on the morning of the dance.

Nivedita Remji: Yeah, I think just seeing what we have done so far will be so great.

Brian Liebau: I guess mine would be the same as everyone else, like seeing the product coming together from all the weekly meetings and everyone working hard.


Q: Any funds?

Bianca Barredo: No, we just had class t-shirts. But those actually worked out well. The story is that Ms. Geerdes ordered the class shirts but the company misprinted them so they just gave us the shirts for free. Therefore, everything we sold went to our funds instead of paying the t-shirt company back.

Brian Liebau: It was a small misprint on the back, you could barely see it.

Q: So now that you are approaching the end of your sophomore class officer big responsibilities, are you guys excited for next year?

ALL: Hopefully!

Bianca Barredo: Yes, I really want to see prom and I really want to help plan that and do the whole banner thing and get a little redemption in that. This year the glue starting coming off and that was peeving me off!

Q: Describe what people should expect when they walk in?


Bianca Barredo: Just feel fabulous when you walk in, You feel fierce like when you go on the red carpet.

Congratulations to our wonderful sophomore class officers on a successful TWIRP and thanks for all of their hard work to make it possible. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

– Riva Shrestha


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