February SYS Recap

Spartan Youth Service (SYS) has once again had a successful month of volunteering. Members have helped out at Oakwood Village, JMM gymnastic meets, the Midwinter Dance, Underdog Pet Rescue’s cat care events, and many more. For those of you who don’t already know, SYS is Memorial’s largest service club, and we have a ton of fun volunteering around the community. We are always open to new members. Just come to any of our Wednesday meetings after school in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Study Center to join. Follow us on Instagram (jmm.sys) and Facebook (JMM SYS) for more information.



SYS has four club goals: 4800 SYS service hours, 200 service projects, 100% volunteer turnout, and 70 freshmen members.


Here’s our progress as of 1/28/18: 2137 hours, 160 service projects, 71 freshmen members.

That’s AWESOME! Special thanks to all of our dedicated members for their commitment to service!



We would like to thank Summit Credit Union for their generous contribution towards this year’s SPIRIT Day t-shirts. SPIRIT Day is SYS’s annual all-day volunteering event that all Memorial students can participate in, even if they’re not members! Students get to go to a local elementary/middle school or the Lussier Center to volunteer for an entire school day. This is not only a great way to get hours, but it is super fun, and the kids love hanging out. SPIRIT Day this year is on FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH, so please stay tuned for permission slips!


–  Devika Kamath and Shruti Sathish

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