Artist of the Month: Caitlyn Se

What art classes have you taken at JMM?
– Drawing 1, 2, 3
– Art Experience
– Digital Imagery
– Ceramics 1
– Currently taking: Painting
– Next semester: Ceramics 2
How long have you been creating art?
Since forever, but I seriously started in 8th grade.
Why do you create art?
To relax and escape from life.
What is your favorite medium to work with and why?
Graphite, because it allows me to draw anywhere and anytime. It’s also the first medium I started with, so it holds a special place in my heart. Colored pencil and watercolor are also favorites, but I’m still exploring new mediums!
What has been your favorite art piece you’ve made? Send a photo if possible!
It’s tied between a portrait of my dad and a portrait of Tang Min Sheng, the owner of a Bahn Mi food cart.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Art on Instagram — it’s a great place to discover different styles. Also, Mr. Newland.
Advice to other artists?
There’s always room for improvement, but don’t forget the journey from where you started.
Future art goals?
To become a medical illustrator and to explore different styles and more mediums.
What are you doing after high school?
Attending college .
What are your other hobbies?
Running, piano, and reading.

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