Winter Animal Quiz

In what season do you thrive?

a. Spring

b. Summer

c. Winter

d. Fall


Which country would you most like to visit?

a. Japan

b. Costa Rica

c. Ireland

d. Canada


Best place to get a shake?

a. Chick fil a

b. Starbucks

c. McDonalds

d. Culvers


Winter gear you can’t live without?

a. Touch screen gloves

b. Slip-proof boots

c. Super styling earmuffs

d. Obscene amounts of fuzzy socks


Made up Starbucks drink of your choice?

a. Yellow snow (lemonade)

b. Winter Blizzard (plain snow with one flavor shot of your choice)

c. Pine Scented Water (super lo – cal)

d. Frozen reindeer milk mocha






Mostly A’s: You are a Baby Harp Seal. You have a warm, cuddly personality and can easily enchant a cold-hearted killer with a blink of your eyes. Even though you are the cutie of the bunch, people can get annoyed with your shenanigans, I mean c’mon, yellow snow? Really?


Mostly B’s: You are a Desert Cottontail Rabbit. You don’t really enjoy all this winter BS and can’t wait until it starts to warm up again outside. To keep from freezing you wear all the best winter gear as you hop from heated area to heated area. Don’t worry little bunny, you are a fighter and you’ll make it through!


Mostly C’s: Well well well, look who’s a Musk-Oxen. Winter is your natural habitat and you have no time for weaklings who can’t handle the cold. You’ll still be wearing shorts in January and you won’t feel a thing. Underneath all your fur you have a heart of gold.


Mostly D’s: You are a Little Blue Penguin. Are you really a winter animal? Who knows… but you are a penguin so close enough. You are a bit quirky and you like to go against the flow. You always express yourself to the fullest and people love you for it. Make sure to dress warm this winter!

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