What Type of Pine Tree Are You?

What is your favorite winter activity?

a. Skiing

b. Sledding

c. Staying inside

d. Christmas shopping


What’s your favorite hot beverage?

a. Hot chocolate

b. Tea

c. Coffee

d. Apple cider


What is your favorite article of winter clothing?

a. Scarf

b. Hat

c. Jacket

d. Boots


How do you spend your snow days off from school?

a. Hanging out with friends

b. Sleeping

c. Catching up on schoolwork

d. Watching Netflix


What is your favorite winter holiday?

a. Christmas

b. New Years

c. Hanukkah

d. Kwaanza





SUGAR PINE- You love to bundle up and keep warm in the winter months, but you also like to occasionally indulge in winter activities such as skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. You’re very sociable and people love to be around you! Your current friends love you and, even if you don’t know it, there are many more people desperate to get to know you! (;




MOUNTAIN PINE: You’re generally introverted, but you tend to give in when your friends encourage you to turn up. You typically don’t enjoy the cold weather and you would rather spend your time snuggled up in your bed and watching a good show.




EASTERN WHITE PINE: You’re a very hard worker who has a craving for success. You do very well in school and put your heart into your work. You’re generally introverted and like to keep to yourself. You don’t mind the Winter weather so much, but you would rather stay inside and do something productive.




CARIBBEAN PINE: You’re fairly extroverted and love to spend time with friends. You’re the person that your friends go to for your expert advice. You are a very generous person and you enjoy giving to others during the holidays. You also have a good eye for fashion and are always up to date with the newest hot trends.


– Hannah Farnham

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