What holiday movie are you?

1) Your parents are going on a super fun holiday trip without you. How do you react?

a. Um, you thought you were going with them??

b. Whatever, you’ll still have an amazing Winter Break because you LOVE the holidays.

c. Grump about it until January.

d. Recruit your friends to celebrate the season with you and assign them all specific decorating and cooking jobs.


2) Of course you love all food, but if there’s one thing you need to have at a festive dinner, you’d have…

a. Cheese pizza.

b. Candy canes, any kind of candy, really, it’s the holidays!

c. Christmas pudding (ooh look at you being all fancy)

d. Pigs in a blanket.


3) How do you plan on spending your free time over Winter Break?

a. Probably stay in, order in some pizza, all nice and safe inside the house.

b. Well, caroling, of course.

c. Spend time with loved ones… even those you haven’t been the nicest to all year.

d. Buying people odd gifts – the weirder the funnier!


4) It’s the season of giving, but… what’s on your wishlist?

a. The ugliest holiday sweater in the world.

b. All I want is a warm holiday season with my family and friends 🙂

c. I’ve got my eye on something expensive.

d. A pumpkin carving kit.






If you got…

Mostly A’s: The classic Home Alone ain’t so fun when it happens to you, huh? You better hope your parents don’t accidentally leave you stranded in a house all alone to battle creepy burglars.


Mostly B’s: Your over-the-top, infectious enthusiasm for the holidays screams Elf. Bring on the candy canes, ice skating, and tree decorating. Elf may be your movie, but you’re totally down for an all-nighter of watching all of the movies.


Mostly C’s: Bah, humbug, you got A Christmas Carol. Maybe you should lighten up a bit. Remember, this is the season for love, giving, and joy! Seriously, if you don’t cheer up there’ll be ghosts knocking at your door and you don’t want that.


Mostly D’s: You haven’t quite got a grasp of what exactly the winter holidays are because your movie is A Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ll give you a hint, Halloween is not included. But you do you. Just make sure the gifts you give people aren’t too creepy.

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