Top 10 in 2017

  1. Trump: Since his inauguration on January 20th, President Trump has been the center of media attention all year. From his travel bans and Russia connections to his attack on NFL players and his infamous tweets, Trump has managed to make national news at least once every single day in 2017.
  2. Terrorism: Terrorist attacks have seen a large uptick in the last few years, and 2017 was not an exception. The majority of deadly attacks were confined to the Middle East this year, most notably the suicide truck bombing in Mogadishu and the recent Mosque shooting in Egypt, each attack killing at least 300 people. On a positive note, however, 2017 was also the year where ISIS has been thoroughly defeated in Iraq and Syria, highlighted with the liberation of their capital, Raqqa, last month.
  3. Natural disasters: The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has been horrible. Of the 5 Category 3 or higher hurricanes this year, 3 of them made landfall in either the mainland US or Puerto Rico. Harvey heavily flooded Houston, Irma left 6.2 million Floridians without power, and Maria has absolutely destroyed Puerto Rico and left most of the entire island without power. Beyond hurricanes, California also suffered from its worst wildfire ever in 2017, burning at least 245,000 acres of land and 8,900 buildings, while also killing 43.
  4. Opioid crisis: On August 10th, President Trump declared America’s opioid crisis a “national emergency”. Close to 2 million Americans are addicted to opioids, and an estimated 59,000 died from opioid overdose in America in 2016. Recent studies show these numbers have only increased in 2017. It truly is an epidemic.
  5. Sports: In the NFL, the New England Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons, erasing a 28-3 deficit in a little more than one quarter to win its 5th championship in 15 years. In the NBA, the Golden State Warriors steamrolled through the entire league, going 16-1 in the playoffs in route to their second title in three years. In the MLB, the Houston Astros won its first title ever in a thrilling 7 game series over the LA Dodgers.
  6. Mass shootings: On October 1st, Steven Paddock killed 58 people at a Las Vegas music festival in the worst mass shooting in modern US history. Merely one month later, Deven Kelley killed 27 more in a church in Sutherland Springs, TX, including 14 children. This was 2 out of the 397 shootings in this country alone this year.
  7. Movies: 2017 was a great year for cinema, with blockbusters such as Wonder Woman, It, Justice League, and Dunkirk. The year will be capped off by the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will likely break all box office records.
  8. Zimbabwe: After a surprise military coup, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe finally resigned, ending his overall pretty terrible 37 year rule of the country.
  9. Sexual harassment: After the news broke that producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassed countless women over multiple decades, many victims of sexual assault all around Hollywood decided to speak up, and big names such as Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., and Kevin Spacey are among the accused. This movement is massively shaking up both Hollywood and our society.
  10. Science: 2017 was a big year in science. Metallic hydrogen was created for the first time, a Earth-like planet was discovered, the first human embryo was successfully genetically edited, and Google’s DeepMind has found a way for AI to learn and navigate through complex environments by its own.


– Amit Rajesh

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