Artist of the Month: Lauryn Anthony

I’ve been interested in art ever since I was little. I used to try to copy illustrations from Manga and Archie comics I owned. I never really took it very seriously until around seventh grade. I had a French class with two friends of mine, one of who was more skilled than I was in art. The three of us would use whatever class time we could to draw on scrap pieces of paper and talk about drawing. Because of that my interest increased and I began to learn more about how I could improve. About a year later, my middle school had us take that careercruising job quiz, and although I’ve never heard of anyone that has figured out their future career through that, it did scare me into thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. Then a few days later I read something where they mentioned animation, and it hit me how perfect that would be for me. I’ve always loved movies and art, and animation seemed to combine those.

Some of my favorite places for inspiration are movies and the artists I follow online. If I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas, scrolling through instagram and tumblr can help. A few of my favorite artists right now are Glen Keane, Ken Anderson, Cory loftis, Cecile Carre, Sara Kipin, Sas Milledge, and Claire Hummel. I also always buy the concept art books for animated movies because I love to see the creative process.

Something I want to work on is storytelling. I’m interested in working as a concept artist or on storyboarding.


– Aly Rader

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