Editors Note – November

Hello Spartans,

I am Rahima Osman, one of the sports editor in Sword & Shield. As a sports editor, we prep profiles and keep you up to date with Spartan athletics.

Winter is almost here. With it lots of fun activities like winter sports season. Make sure to get out there and support your fellow spartans!

Freshmen, make sure to find new clubs and attend games because it is never too late! If you love writing, don’t forget to join Sword & Shield and follow us on Facebook (Sword & Shield) to know about when we are meeting.

Also, quarter grades are out! By this point, you should have a feel of each of your classes and know what the teacher expects from you. Don’t worry if quarter one didn’t go as planned, but be sure to work hard and get flying grades in quarter two. If you need assistance with your classes, stop by the tutoring center and ask for help, or you could talk to your teacher during flex support.

Good luck!!

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