Which city should you move to?

Favorite cold-weather comfort food?

a. Hot chocolate
b. Pumpkin bread
c. Mac and cheese
d. Steamy apple cider

If you were to throw a party, would style would you go for?

a. Black-tie dinner party
b. Backyard movie marathon
c. A crazy loud-music dance party
d. Holiday dress-up party

Pick an item to check off of your bucket list:

a. Befriend someone famous
b. Set foot on all seven continents
c. Crash an extravagant wedding
d. Learn another language

What kind of home would you want to live in?

a. Modern New-York style studio
b. Forest fairytale-style cottage
c. Gigantic treehouse shared with friends
d. Minimalist beachside cabin

Mostly a’s: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is perfect for you and your tech-savvy self! With your love for modern vibes, this city in Japan is full of fascinating engineering feats and tech sure to keep you amused. Ride some of the most efficient and contemporary trains in the world, or head to a fast food restaurant and order through a robot. You’ll have a blast in Tokyo!

Mostly b’s: Corfu Island, Greece

What better way to connect to nature than move to a city located by the sea? A day could include a breakfast in Corfu’s renowned gardens and then a stroll by the crystal seaside. Your adventure-seeking, nature-loving self will feel right at home in this French, Venetian, and British influenced island. Unleash your love of the outside by going hiking in rugged mountains or swimming with stingrays on Corfu Island!

Mostly c’s: Ibiza, Spain

Every social diva would love Ibiza, a city famous for it’s incredible public events and parties. In Ibiza, you attend beach parties during the day, dine with friends in classy restaurants in the evening and dance to the best DJs in the world all night. Ready for the time of your life? Head to Ibiza to truly experience what your social life can be like!
Mostly d’s: Vienna, Austria
Move to a city that’ll will inspire your creative and aspiring self. Vienna, marked by its artistic and intellectual legacy, was molded by citizens like Mozart and Beethoven. Visit the numerous imperial palaces in the city and other breath-taking architectural wonders. Vienna will definitely light a spark in your mind that will be impossible to ignore.


– Deney Li

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