What Thanksgiving food are you?

What is your favorite drink?

a. Dark coffee

b. Fruit juice

c. Pumpkin spice latte

d. Smoothie


Your preferred weekend activity?

a. Getting some work done and preparing for the week ahead

b. Spending time with your best buds

c. Apple-picking, pumpkin patch, any autumn activity

d. Going on a run or hike


Favorite subject?

a. Science class

b. Language arts

c. Social studies

d. Gym


Dream career?

a. Lawyer

b. Therapist

c. Artist

d. Doctor



Mostly a’s

Turkey: You’re a practical, no-nonsense kinda person. You like your coffee black and your time well-spent. That’s why the Thanksgiving food you embody is the turkey – plain and classic.


Mostly b’s

Cranberry sauce: You’re as charismatic as they come. Your friends and family are the most important thing to you, and you love making people smile. You’re sweet like cranberry sauce.


Mostly c’s

Pumpkin pie: You’re all about autumn traditions, and no recipes are more closely guarded by families than those for the stuffing. After Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll probably head out for a family game of football.


Mostly d’s

Corn on the cob: Thanksgiving might be an all-access pass to eat as much as you can fit, but your healthy self wouldn’t forget about including some veggies. You are corn on the cob.


– Beatrice Naujalyte

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