What kind of gourd are you?

Favorite activity in Fall?

a. Raking leaves

b. Apple Picking

c. Corn Maze

d. Haunted House


If you could live in any climate, what would you choose?

a. Dry, medium – high heat, semi windy

b. Moist, medium heat, not windy

c. Humid, high heat, not windy

d. Wet, low heat, very windy


You have an afternoon free, what do you do?

a. Get your homework done

b. Hit up some friends and go downtown

c. Watch some Netflix

d. Get outside for an adventure


Huge essay due in two weeks, how do you complete it?

a. Space it out, making sure to do a little everyday

b. Do it whenever you are available, a pretty irregular schedule

c. Finish it in the last two days, it can wait

d. Do it when you feel particularly motivated, could be done in a day, could a week late



Mostly a’s: Luffa Gourd

As a Luffa Gourd, you may be more closely related to cucumbers than to your other gourdly brethren, but no matter. You are a hardworking, dedicated, and vivacious person. You are pretty flexible and can do anything you set your mind too. Make sure to spend lots of time in the sun!


Mostly b’s: Butternut Squash

You are the epitome of a Butternut Squash. Always the popular choice, your bland exterior is in direct contrast to your tasty personality. Everyone loves to spend time with you, and you’re always the first one plucked from the patch. Just watch out for a close friend trying to roast you.


Mostly c’s: Lumpy Mini Pumpkin

You’re a quirky little gourd. You sometimes can disappear into a larger crowd and get overlooked. Make extra sure your opinions are heard. Your differences lead you to find some great friends who will always be there for you. Never change Lumpy Mini Pumpkin!


Mostly d’s: Crown of Thorns Gourd

You are royalty in a sea of peasants. Everyone can see that you are different and you always stand out of the crowd. You are very self confident, nobody can bring you down. People are attracted towards you, but are also a little fearful of your power.


– Garrett Kennedy

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