To Be Honest, tbh is Pretty Cool

Tbh was created mid-September, and even though they were not released through the entire U.S., tbh quickly acquired over 5 million downloads. Their success caused Facebook to snap up their little company on October 16th for the low price of about $100 million. Facebook will be keeping on all the employees of tbh and allow them to continue doing almost exactly what they were doing before.

What exactly is tbh doing? tbh is an anonymous opinion sharing app. Similarly to Sarahah (another extremely popular anonymous judgement sharing app), tbh allows people to comment anonymously on their friends. Rather than giving people the option to say anything they want about their friends, tbh allows you to answer 15 polls like “every teacher’s favorite student” or “this one is a genius.” You get four of your friends to chose from for each question as well as the option to shuffle the names or skip that question. After answering 15 polls you have to wait 45 minutes until you are allowed to play again. When you choose someone for one of the categories they get a notification and get to see what they were chosen for, but not who chose them. If they want, they can decide to request the name of the person who chose them for that question by hitting the “reply” button.

What makes this different from other anonymous applications? Everything on tbh is positive. In an age when cyberbullying is a big problem, an app that only deals in positivity is a refreshing change of pace. When I open the app it just makes me feel happy. If being “Every teachers favorite student” isn’t enticing enough for you, tbh also offers some more scandalous options like “future prom date” or “perfect person to lie under the stars with.” If you need some added drama in your life tbh can also be for you. All in all, I definitely recommend that you get tbh.


– Garrett Kennedy

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