Spartan Youth Service: October Recap + November Preview

Spartan Youth Service is Memorial’s largest service club. We meet every Wednesday after school at 3:45 pm in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Study Center. Meetings go for 20-30 minutes and members have the opportunity to sign up for a variety of volunteering events taking place at local organizations in addition to being involved in a committee that specializes in a subfield of volunteering that they are interested in. New members are always welcome. Follow us on Facebook at JMM SYS and Instagram at jmm.sys to stay updated!


Spartan Youth Service had a very successful October and is excited for a great November!

We had great accomplishments in terms of fundraisers, events, and progress towards our club goals:



>Penny Wars, the annual homecoming-week fundraising competition between grade levels was a huge success! A grand total of $380 raised, and all money was donated to the JMM food pantry. A huge thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered!


>Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF was a huge success. Several SYS members went out and filled up their UNICEF boxes with cash and change.


>Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate (upcoming): The Seniors committee will be selling pumpkin spice hot chocolate Nov 6th- 9th in the A wing foyer before school. All proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association!



Community: The Community Committee had a very successful event at REACH-A-Child, where students volunteered as wait staff for the annual gala. The dedication and perseverance of the volunteers helped make the event run smoothly!

Helping Hands: The Helping Hands committee’s main event in October was the Penny Wars fundraiser, which went very well ($380 raised!). Helping Hands is looking forward to an event at the Catholic Multicultural Center during the first week of November, where they will help with a mobile pantry set-up.

Paws Fur A Cause: Paws Fur A Cause made donation jars for Underdog Pet Rescue! Several volunteers decorated coffee cans to help gather donations and raise awareness of UPR’s litter of kittens. Paws fur A Cause is looking forward to its popular cat care events this November 🙂

Youth 4 Youth: Youth 4 Youth had a very interesting event at John Muir Elementary this past month, where volunteers took apart the irrigation system and did some garden work. Y4Y is looking forward to their weekly library help events at Orchard Ridge in November!

Seniors: The Seniors Committee had several musical performance events at Oakwood this past month. Volunteers transported residents to and from the concerts, helped set up the stage, and chatted with residents. Seniors is super pumped for their upcoming Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Fundraiser from Nov 6th- 9th in the A Wing Foyer before school. Please buy!

Spartan Green: Spartan Green had a very fun event this past month at the Farley Center. They went apple picking, and the volunteers had a blast being outside, picking and tasting apples, and trying the apple cider made from their apples!



SYS has four main club goals: 4800 SYS service hours, 200 service projects, 100% volunteer turnout, and 70 freshmen members.


Here’s our progress as of 10/29/17: 924.1 hours, 65 service projects, 55 freshmen members.

That’s AWESOME, given that we’re only 2 months into school!


–  Shruti Sathish

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