Best and Worst of October SNL

Gal Gadot’s episode was a disappointment. My parents predicted it would be bad and I wanted them to be wrong but throughout the whole thing I didn’t laugh as much as I just went, what is going on? Which is to be expected, I mean, it’s SNL. But there was just too much huh? And not enough ha!


Best: E! New Line Up

Gadot’s best performance of the night was as Kendall Jenner. Watch as she and sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid complain about how much pressure they’re in while standing around a bowl of fruit, Kendall asks Alexa to remind her which Kardashian sister she is, and Kanye crawls along the floor and hides behind flowers because he doesn’t want to be filmed. If you watch the Voice, Melissa Villaseñor’s impression of Gwen Stefani in “Down Home with Blake & Gwen” will kill you. Fast-paced and genuinely funny, you’ll be fine if you just watch this sketch out of the whole episode.


Worst: Mirage

Just an “eh” sketch. Two cameramen are stranded in the desert and see two very different mirages. One sees Gal Gadot swishing around a glass of lemonade seductively, and the other is disappointed to see the two guys from Jamba Juice yelling out orders. Leslie Jones is the only funny one in this sketch, and she only pops in for a few seconds.


Kumail Nanjiani really showed everyone how it’s done. His monologue was hilarious, which is uncommon. It was one awesome sketch after another, and now I really really want to watch his movie The Big Sick.


Best: Customer Service

I was debating between this one and his monologue, which is spectacular, so even though I didn’t choose it, still watch it! In this sketch, Nanjiani plays a call center employee who befriends a woman on the phone – Melania Trump. “She ordered over $400,000 worth of handbags and purposely put in the wrong address just so she could call and chat.” “Oh, did I say red house? I meant white house.” When she learns that Nanjiani is being bullied by a co-worker, she shows up wearing a fashionable safari suit, aviator sunglasses, and swats at him lightly with her handbag, saying “Booly (bully), booly, stop that, booly” finishing with a little stomp.


Worst: Office Halloween Party

What was the point of this sketch? A boss calls his employees to tell him that he has somehow gotten Hepatitis A, and because he made them all a Halloween cake, they are now at risk. An employee asks him a question and asks “Oh Sarah! How are you?” She exclaims, “Worried, Greg!” She thinks she’s safe because she didn’t eat the cake but he confesses that he drank from her water bottle because he wanted to see if it actually kept water cold for 7 hours as it claimed. “Oh Greg, what an inconvenience for me and my family…” What??


– Beatrice Naujalyte

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