Academic Planning

When someone mentions Career Cruising, repetitive job questionnaires and “favorite subject” rankings flit across our minds. But while some of us may find Career Cruising bothersome and useless, there is evidence that it has helped make progress in deciding future careers for students. For this reason, the government has decided to make Career Cruising and other job-finding lessons a mandatory part of Wisconsin school districts’ curriculum from 6th grade onward, starting this year.


But there is a twist. Now, academic planning programs are geared towards showing students the jobs that need to be filled in the future, rather than jobs that are the best fit according to a student’s interests. These programs are paired up with President Trump’s encouragement for students to attend two-year colleges over four-years as a way of introducing people into the workforce faster and more efficiently.


The reason for this sudden need of employees? The retiring number of workers are quickly outnumbering the number entering the workforce. The Baby Boomer generation is arriving at retirement, and the number of Boomers retiring are far greater than the graduates entering the workforce now, when parents are having, on average, two kids per family.


Academic planning is playing a key role in Trump’s plan. Students are now learning early on that college nor a degree is necessary to obtain a high-paying job. Internships, technical training, and other options are available for those who do not want student loan debt or four years in college. With this information at hand, countless students are choosing to jump right into the workforce, rather than continue with extensive education, earning a salary early on as well as filling up the need for workers.


Regardless of your option on career-planning classes, they are here to stay, and not without good reason. But in the end, always remember that your education after high school is up to you!


– Deney Li

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