Opinion on Metroid Video Games cont’d

I am not typically a fan of platformer games, which is where the character has to jump from one suspended platform to the next in order to explore the world. In my experience with the Super Mario series, I do not have a good time playing these games. Instead, I end up throwing my controller out of frustration. Despite my checkered history, I enjoyed playing Metroid: Samus Returns. As you progress through the games, you unlock new abilities like the morph ball, the ice beam, and zmore. Finding these is always a nice surprise, as it changes the way I play and unlocks new areas. With the ice beam, you can freeze enemies, making them easier to defeat. Using the morph ball, you can become small enough to fit into areas that you could not reach before. The map is large and has many hidden areas to find. Another great thing is that there are health and ammo upgrades scattered across the map, many of which can be  found in the aforementioned secret areas. None of them are mandatory, but they come in very handy for the boss fights. Without them, you are in for a fun time, and maybe a few rage quits here and there. Fighting enemies in the game is a lot of fun as well. Overall, I am very impressed with the gameplay.


Overall, Metroid: Samus Returns was a definite success. With the unusually non-aggravating gameplay and the decent story, it was definitely a step up from the previous installment.  Although to be honest, anything, even cool math games, is better than Metroid Prime: Federation Force. So, is it worth the $39.99? Definitely, I could play this game for hours and not get bored. It is definitely one of Nintendo’s better additions. One thing I love about Metroid games is that knowledge of the storyline is not typically required; you can still have a good time without knowing what’s going on. However, I would recommend paying attention to the plot, it adds to the game. Whether or not there will be angry mobs for the next installment is still up in the air, but if it’s half as good as this one, Nintendo should not worry.


– Miachel Rehani

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