Personalized Pathways: Interview


The personalized pathways are programs that are designed to further the understanding of students in a particular subject. Students in the pathway programs learn about their interest and potential career in the majority of their classes. Currently, Memorial offers the health service pathway, which is an option available to only incoming freshman this year. Here’s what a student, who prefers to remain anonymous, in the pathways thinks of it so far:

What pathway classes are you taking this year?

All the academic classes: math, science, history, and english. And the health elective which you have to take, which is Health Science Exploration.

How do your pathway classes differ from your regular classes?

Basically, they are like my regular classes, except the classes have the themes of health and science tied into it.

Is the homework load more than what you would receive in your regular classes?

Not really, because the curriculum is mostly the same, except they include medical aspects.

How has the pathways program affected you socially? Has it en- abled you to make more friends?

Yes. I’ve made some new friends, which is good because none of my existing friends are in the pathways.

Has it limited you socially?

It’s good that I’ve made new friends, but sometimes in class you feel lonely if you don’t know anybody.

Do you regret joining the pathways?

Sometimes I do regret it, but other times I think that it may help me with [what I want to do in] college because I want to be a doctor.

What other skills do you think being in the pathways will help you learn?

It will help with college and what I’ll major in. It’ll help me with teamwork skills as well because we do a lot of team building exercises.

Has the pathways program limited you in your exposure to other subjects?

I don’t think so.

What are your least favorite things about the pathways program?

The health and science elective that we have to take is a bit boring. We also do a lot of career stuff, such as ACP (academic career planning), which is very boring.

How has your overall pathways experience been so far?

It has been good because I’ve met new people and I get to interact with them. It’s also nice because my history class is a lot smaller, so the teachers can get to know me better and help me more.

Would you recommend the pathways to future students? If so, who would you recommend it to and who would you not recommend it to?

[I would recommend it to] people who have no clue about what they want to do because you can always drop out after a year if you don’t like it. I would also recommend it to people who want to go into medicine.


-Anika Sanyal

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