October: A Note From the Editor

School is off to a fantastic start, and all of Memorial’s activities and clubs are underway.

Freshmen, make sure you find clubs to join, attend our games, and be involved! High school life is amazing if you submerge yourself in student life and show your Spartan spirit!


Homecoming is coming soon, so whether you are planning to go or not, I encourage you to attend all the events that are leading up the dance (more in the Student Life section) and participate in dress up days! The first dance of the year is always a blast, and everyone is looking forward to this year’s theme: “The Greatest.” We are excited to see how the senior class officers pull it off.

Fall is officially here, along with sweater weather and the Pumpkin Spice season. Memorial is full of sneezing students and runny noses, so remember to dress warmly and try not to get sick! As school picks up its pace, it’s best to not miss out on classes.

Take some time to relax and enjoy the fall weather, before the snow comes and the weather becomes only suitable for penguins!


-Deney Li, Student Life Editor

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