Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sport

There are so many benefits to joining a sport, and that if you aren’t already a student athlete, you should consider becoming one. Here are the top five reasons to join a sport.


  1. There are a total of 25 sports programs, and 7 club sports, so there is something for everyone to participate in. JMM has Cross Country, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Girls Gymnastics, Poms, Cheerleading and Boys Wrestling. In terms of club sports, there is the Ski and Snowboarding Team, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Ultimate Frisbee. With all these choices, you can’t lose!
  2. Sports are a great way to be involved in the school community. I’ve made some great friends with people that I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t do a sport.
  3. If you play a full season of your sport either your junior year, or fall of your senior year, you are able to waive a half credit of gym. This is great for anyone with a busy course schedule who needs to free up some space, or those who haven’t completed their 1.5 credits of gym.
  4. No cut sports. If you want to do a sport, but are worried about being cut from the team, there are plenty of sports that keep all their athletes who want to participate, including Football, Tennis, Track and Field, Cross Country, Girl’s Soccer, Cheerleading, Ski and Snowboarding Team, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Boy’s Wrestling. You don’t have to make Varsity to keep playing these sports!
  5. Your first year in a sport doesn’t have to be as a freshman. Plenty of people join after their freshman year. So, if you missed a sign up, or were too busy for a sport, you can always sign up next year!


Overall, there are many benefits to doing a sport including college app activities, a healthy lifestyle and new friendships. Why not become a student athlete today?


– Lily Lowndes

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