Join Spartan Youth Service!

Spartan Youth Service, or “SYS”, is the largest volunteering club at Memorial! Last year, the club had 215 members and a grand total of 5,132 service hours! This year, the club is pushing itself even further with a goal of 250 members and 5,800 total service hours!

With six unique and equally amazing committees planning and organizing a plethora of events, everyone is sure to find something they are interested in!

If you want to be involved with food drives and organizations that help the homeless in our community, Helping Hands is the committee for you! If you enjoy working with the elderly, and are looking forward to events at places such as the Oakwood Retirement Home, Seniors is where you belong! Paws fur A Cause works with organizations that help animals in our community, and Youth 4 Youth focuses on working with elementary schools in the Memorial attendance area and other organizations that work to benefit the youth. If you like helping out our community as a whole, Community is the committee for you, with many fun and exciting events at organizations such as WPT and Reach-A-Child. Last but not least, Spartan Green is the committee for those of you interested in environmental projects and helping to plan this year’s SPIRIT Day (SYS’s biggest and annual all-day volunteering event in April). No matter which committee you decide to be a part of, members can sign up for events from any committee in the club. So, if you’re in Youth for Youth, but want to sign up for the Senior Bingo Night at Oakwood Village, you are more than welcome do so!


There are many reasons you should join SYS-apart from exciting volunteering opportunities, the club tracks your hours for you, and studies have shown that volunteers live longer and healthier. Volunteering helps establish strong relationships, and it looks good on college applications. The feeling you experience when you volunteer is extremely precious and is something all youth should experience!


The first club meeting will be Wednesday, September 13th right after school (3:45) in the WISCONSIN NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER. Yes, there is a location change. Meetings will NOT be held in the Fishbowl/Fox River Center this year. Come to learn more about the club! There will also be snacks! Be sure to join the SYS Facebook page (JMM SYS) and follow SYS on Instagram at jmm.sys to stay updated!


– Shruti Sathish

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