Almost Maine Q&A

Interview with Audrey Accardo & Emma Sorenson

What changes are in store for the drama department this year?

While many are sad to lose Mr. Hardin to retirement, the Drama Department is more than excited to welcome Katrina Brunner as Memorial’s new director! With her past experience as a director, we totally expect her to bring many new ideas to the table including student directors and a new audition format

What is the Fall show “Almost Maine” about?

Almost Maine is a series of vignettes about different people in a town called Almost, Maine. All the vignettes occur on the same night, and while all do include humor, each story presents a unique take surrounding love

What is unique about the show? Has Memorial Theatre Company done this show before?

What is most unique about this show is the variety of roles and challenges in each story, so actors with more experience can partake in more challenging roles while newcomers can start with some fun and easier roles! Another thing that is unique is that it will be partially directed by Memorial students themselves!

When/where are auditions being held?  Who can audition?

Auditions are being held on September 11th and 12th, with callbacks on the 13th! Students should prepare a one minute contemporary monologue to perform for Katrina and the student directors, and ANYONE can audition!

What kinds of actors is the director looking for?

Katrina and Student Directors are looking for actors who can establish a true connection to others on stage, no matter their previous acting experience.

What are the show dates?

Show dates are October 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, and 28th.

Why should people come and see the show?

Almost Maine is very relatable, comedic and heart touching, having something for everyone who comes to see the show.

How can people get involved with the JMM drama department?

Come to the Drama Department’s Tuesday Meetings to learn more! The first two will be held on September 12th and 19th. If one doesn’t like to perform onstage, feel free to join tech! The first tech meeting will occur the morning of the 12th before school.


– Aly Rader

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