Making the Most of Your School Year: A Quick Checklist

It’s a new school year! There are a couple of things to make sure you stay on top of classes and take advantage of all of the opportunities Memorial has to offer.


  • Meet your counselor (you’ll probably meet them sometime within the first few weeks of school when they do their Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior checkups). BONUS: Make a list of any scheduling or high school questions you may have as well as things you think your counselor should know about you.
  • Join a club, or two, or five! Just make sure you are truly interested in what they are doing and are willing to invest time and energy into them. Clubs help your college resume, but they also help you find people who have similar interests as you and help you grow your own interests into hobbies and maybe even a future career. BONUS: take on a leadership role in the club, whether it’s being in charge of a specific project or designing the club t-shirt.
  • Find your ideal place to do homework. Some people work better alone but some get really distracted on youtube if they don’t have friends around them also studying. Find your ideal location that maximizes your productivity early on in the school year so that you can use it to get work done throughout the school year. Is it at home or at Barnes and Nobles? Are you listening to music faintly or is it dead silent? BONUS: write down a description of your ideal study space on your phone so that you can recreate it when you’re travelling or in a different location
  • Chat with your teacher casually. Your teacher is at Memorial for a reason-they were hired because they are knowledgeable in their subject. If you ever need help, you should feel comfortable approaching your teacher about the lesson. Additionally, if they know you even beyond the classroom, they may understand if you have difficulties completing homework because of a sport or a family issue. BONUS: Don’t use your phone or do other homework in class, it’s really disrespectful and will make for mediocre college recs if you do decide on them as a rec.


– Kelly Wu

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