Memorial FBLA Team Finishes With 9 State Awards

For 11 years, Memorial has been sending our school’s future business leaders to compete in regional, state, and even national competitions as part of the international business organization, Future Business Leaders of America.


On Monday April 3rd, sixteen of this year’s Memorial FBLA members woke up before the sun, dressed up in their fancy schmancy business outfits, and packed up their suitcases for the state conference. The team spent the 2-hour bus ride studying, quietly practicing presentations, and getting a few much needed last winks of sleep. Upon their arrival at Appleton’s Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, they immediately went to the opening ceremony, where they bravely endured hours of speeches and formalities without falling asleep (mostly).


Soon after, tests and presentations began, but since there were approximately 2000 students from all over Wisconsin in attendance, competitors had lots of free time. When they weren’t studying or practicing for their events, they visited some of the restaurants and cafes in downtown Appleton, attended FBLA workshops, watched March Madness, played card games, and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.


At Tuesday’s closing ceremony, the winners of each event were called up to the stage and awarded trophies, while their schools cheered like crazy people. Despite our relatively small 16-person team, Memorial had to scream and clap just as much as any of the other schools because we came away with a whopping nine total awards (flip to the Spartan Scoreboard for details). Even though there were teams with upwards of 100 people, our tiny team took fifth place overall (an award that didn’t account for team size!).


Those who finished in the top four for their event will have the opportunity to attend nationals June 29 – July 2 in Anaheim, California. Wish them luck!

If all of this sounds even a tiny bit interesting, let me tell you a little bit about what FBLA is. I know Future Business Leaders of America might sound a bit dull, like math and law and stuff, but there truly is something for everyone. If you’re artsy, check out Graphic Design, Publication Design, and Digital Video Production. If you’re good with computers, you might be interested in Computer Game & Simulation Programming, Website Design, or Network Design. If you love Instagram and Snapchat, try taking your knowledge of social media platforms a step further by competing in Social Media Campaign or perhaps Marketing. And, of course, if math or law is your thing, there is plenty for you, from Accounting I and II to Business Law and Business Ethics.


If you’re considering joining next year, you can contact Ms. Wheeler at We meet Wednesdays at lunch and we would love to have you!

– Beatrice Naujalyte

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