Go After Your Goals: Girls Soccer 2017

Playing soccer for James Madison Memorial is a coveted privilege by all girls who choose to join in on the experience.  The season is short, compact, and non-stop from the week of tryouts to playoffs, and we enjoy every action packed second. From practices after school to games under the lights of Mansfield, we put our blood, sweat, and tears into each and every moment, because those moments are few. For our two senior varsity players, Grace Kaldor and Andrea Lopez, along with our amazing JV seniors Ann Miller, Emma Hubbard and Emily Vosberg, playing for JMM in their last year means the world to them. As Andrea Lopez puts it best, “playing for JMM soccer means I’m representing my school outside the classroom. It means I get to make connections with not just my amazing new teammates but with other members of the JMM community that support soccer.”  From each season to the next, playing for JMM means joining a family, which is the best gift of all. Through the amazing wins to heartbreaking losses, the team supports one another. Led by our fiercely competitive and hilarious Coach Ben Voss, and hardworking, motivational captain Kate Prudent, we plan to make this season the most of what it can be. With persistence, passion, and purpose, we want to represent JMM soccer and what it means to us, by fighting in every game and committing to becoming better at practice everyday. Lastly, playing soccer for JMM means representing our fellow classmates and teachers. It means upholding the long history of soccer at JMM and playing not only for our team and program, but our school. That is the best privilege of all. We would love to see you all come out and watch us play. Go Spartans! Do Work!

– Rosie Patton

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