Come down to the football fields after school and you might just hear some people yelling “UPPPPPPPPPP”. No, there’s not a correlation to that Pixar film that made everyone cry, this strange call actually marks the beginning of one of the best sports at Memorial: Ultimate. The end of spring break in April marked the official start of the 2017 Spring Ultimate season. As the weather gets nicer, playing gets more enjoyable, and the teams are busy running practices after school. This year, the girls team has the honor of having coach Forty, coach Romy and coach Kari as their mentors on the playing field. Coach Kari, or Ms. Rongstad, is also an English teacher here at Memorial, so if you have any questions about ultimate, be sure to stop by her room. On the boys’ lineup this year, Memorial is welcoming coach Colin, coach Branavan and coach Felix onto the ultimate field. All three are first-year coaches who are actively playing in club teams around Madison.

Ultimate is a club sport, meaning it is not listed under the WIAA sports section. This does not mean you shouldn’t show up to every practice you can. However, since the sport is considered to be a club, this allows for Memorial to travel to large ultimate tournaments in other states. Just this past weekend, the boys and girls teams had the opportunity to take a bus down to Illinois to play in the Midwest Neuqua Knockout tournament. The tournament saw Memorial facing up against teams from as far away as Canada. All in all, the 2017 season is off to a great start, and with league games (and great dress up days) every week, the feelings of excitement and camaraderie can only go UPPPPPPPPP.

– Kelly Wu

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