All Memories are Important

Everyone strives for perfection. Why? Probably because it’s so difficult to achieve, and makes people stand out and feel…well, unique. Although no one is perfect, and everyone has flaws, excellence in something sets a person apart from everyone else, making them gain more recognition, power, and status. Like when a person gets a perfect 36 on their ACT. Or gets named captain of the varsity basketball team. Or gets a full-ride scholarship to the college of their dreams.


Memories of moments in which we demonstrated excellence, stood out, or accomplished something deemed difficult in society or in our own minds – those are the ones that we cherish and remember most. They are the memories that play in our minds when we go outside and feel a gentle breeze and see a bright sun and a clear blue sky, or when we hear that song on the radio that isn’t necessarily our favorite, but is peaceful and blissful, allowing us to calm down for a minute and revisit certain moments from our past that make us happy.


While we cherish certain memories and like to revisit them from time to time, there are also memories that we revisit on a day to day basis (like how to operate a microwave or how to turn on the TV), and others that we forget about after a certain period of time (like the day I had my last chem test? I forgot that like 2 days after I took it!) and others that we will never forget, but never want to revisit either. The memories we try to forget about, the embarrassing or anger-inducing ones, the ones that show our imperfections and flaws, are actually very important as we develop ourselves to shape the people we will be one day. Although they’re not something we want to visit frequently, I truly believe that all memories, no matter how memorable or unmemorable they are, have all played a role in this wonderful thing called life, and ultimately will help us make better decisions to help work towards the future we want for ourselves.

– Shruti Sathish

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