Teal Ribbon Club

Teal Ribbon Club is a relatively new club focused on sexual assault awareness. It was founded in April 2016 after meeting resistance to policy changes from MMSD. TRC is  working to educate and raise awareness about sexual assault. Members of TRC also volunteer and fundraise for sexual assault support services like the Rape Crisis Center. They believe that there is currently an unsatisfactory MMSD policy towards sexual assault. Furthermore the lack of understanding and disrespect of the topic creates a rape culture in our schools. Since April is National Sexual Assault Awareness month, they are planning to hold fundraisers every Friday in April with all proceeds going to the Rape Crisis Center.


Friday, April 7th: Ribbon sale and accepting donations

Friday, April 21st: Bake sale and accepting donations

Friday, April 28th: Again selling ribbons, and asking people to write “Not asking for it” on their legs to raise awareness about sexual assault


If you want to join this purposeful new club, they have meetings on Tuesdays during lunch in room 804 (English Wing). Ms. Oryall is the adult advisor of the club and Rhianna Prine is the president.
If you need any more information, feel free to contact Rhianna at rrprine@madison.k12.wi.us.

– Garrett Kennedy

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