Quest for the Net: Boys Basketball at State

Overall, the varsity basketball team had an amazing season that was overridden with outstanding victories. Leading the Big 8 conference with 24 wins and 3 losses overall for the season, they really came out strong. They won conference for the 14th straight time, and came out on top at sectionals. After all of their hard work this season, the boys advanced to state, playing against Stevens Point Area High School, the two-time defending state champs.


The game itself was an impressive display of hard work and athleticism. Our players played an excellent defense, blocking shots, stealing the ball and catching rebounds. Offensively, the players rocked the court. They sprinted down to the basket and made shots left and right. Perhaps the best moment of the game was when Chris Knight jumped up, past the competitors and dunked the ball, making the crowd go wild.


Unfortunately, despite the stellar gameplay, the Spartans lost the match, with a final score of 48-41. Our level of play was definitely above the competition. We had more baskets than Stevens Point, and with three minutes left in the second half, the Spartans were ahead, 39-37. What contributed to our loss was the multitude of three point shots that Stevens Point made. Those three pointers along with the fouls that accumulated many free throws for our opponents allowed them to take the win. Memorial was able to sink more baskets than Stevens Point, but those extra points racked up.


Overall, the Spartans were a cohesive team that played really well together and made the game fun to watch. Being in the moment and seeing our team do so well was just as exciting as watching a professional game. The energy in the stadium was absolutely electric. The entirety of the student section was on their feet, rallying and cheering for their team. The cheerleaders were there, organising different chants and keeping the energy up throughout the whole game, along with the pep band, who played crowd favorites like Sweet Caroline and The Final Countdown during the timeouts. At halftime, Poms took to the court and gave an outstanding dance performance.
Despite the loss, the Spartans will continue to support to the the team. Looking ahead to next year, we are confident they have a bid for state. Overall, it was a great basketball season and the Spartans will truly miss the seniors that are leaving. Shout out to Jake Ferguson, Matt Caropreso, Chase Danielson, Logan Knecht, Robert Bennett, Billy Wilson and Chris Knight. You guys are the ones that made the season so great!

– Lily Lowndes and Rahima Osman

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