Prep Profile: Isaac Blum for Baseball

Q: When is opening day for the 2017 season?

A: Opening day is April 1st at Monona Grove, 2 pm. We don’t play a home game until the 4th of April.


Q: Were there any surprises throughout the tryout process, or is the roster looking like you expected?

A: Personally, I was not surprised by how the team turned out. I can’t wait to get out on the field again with my brothers!


Q: How many regular season games will the team play this year?

A: The team is scheduled to play 23 regular season games.


Q: Who are the Varsity managers this year?

A: Bailey Besta and Dani Farr have committed to manage our team this year. Thanks girls!


Q: How does the varsity team schedule compare to that of JV and Varsity?

A: Games on all levels are played on the same days. Usually, JV and Varsity play in the same vicinity, while the freshmen play in the ‘opposite’ location, so to speak. For example, if JV/Varsity was to be playing in Verona, then the freshmen team would play the Verona freshmen back home- and vice versa.


Q: What do you think is in store for the future of Memorial Baseball?

A: I think the program has a bright future as so many freshmen are becoming engaged in the program. Such high numbers will ensure success for the next few years.


Q: When does the regular season come to an end?

A: Our last regular season game is on May 27th in Stoughton.


– Phil McCarthy

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