Prep Profile: Grace Kaldor for Girls Soccer

Q: When and where is your first game this season?

A: Our first game is at Reddan on April 4th, 7:00 PM. Be there!


Q: How many seniors are on the Varsity roster?

A: Just two, myself and Andrea Lopez.


Q: When is senior night?

A: Senior night is set for May 11, however I am told this might be subject to change.


Q: How many regular season games will the team play?

A: We play 16 regular season games.


Q: How many teams is the Memorial high girls soccer program comprised of?

A: There are three teams within the program: JV Green, JV White, and Varsity.


Q: Are there any up & coming players in the program we should keep an eye on?

A: Yes! Five of our freshmen are very talented players. Keep an eye out for Kate McCorvie, Harper Johnson, Nora Erlandsen, Isabel Eigenberger and Sylvia Greene.


Q: Do any players have intentions to play soccer beyond their high school careers?

A: Andrea Lopez is currently the only player committed to play in college.


Q: When does the regular season come to an end?

A: Our last game is on May 25th at Waunakee High School.


– Philip McCarthy

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