March SNL Recap


This month’s hosts: Actresses Octavia Spencer and Scarlett Johansson. Octavia Spencer’s monologue was solid. There were no songs, no theatrics, no stunts – just a couple of good punchlines delivered in that uplifting way that only Octavia Spencer can. She poked fun at her having played a nurse a whopping 16 times. “I did it so many times that when I played a maid they gave me an Oscar.” But what stood out was her response to people’s confusion regarding three of this year’s Oscar nominees: Moonlight, Fences, and Hidden Figures. Since people are mixing them up anyway, she has decided to produce “Hidden Fence Light”, “the story of three black women who send an introspective gay boy to build a fence on the moon.”

It’s a trailer for an inspiring documentary about the tale of the Republican who finally decided to put their foot down and stand up to Donald Trump. Rapid clips of worrying news reports, grim photos from around the world of refugee families, intense music – they all lead up to the introduction of this heroic politician. The only problem is, there is no such politician yet. This “patriot who put country over party” is… TBD (to be determined). The whole thing is a clean, polished trailer, full of everything a moving documentary needs – heartfelt interviews, shots of crowds of rallying supporters, little kids looking up in awe at statues… Except every single mention of this mystery figure is replaced with a green square and the voice of a guy saying “TBD”. “Brave response TBD,” “Voice of generation TBD,” “powerful message,” “rallying cry that speaks to all people tbd,” “head TBD,” “close-up of head TBD”. I really can’t wait to find out who this TBD is.



Octavia Spencer plays a woman claiming that her former employer stole her “ideas”, and she wants $20 million for it. For example, the company released a drug called Seasonique. Spencer motions to the door as her daughter walks in, “Please say hello to Seasonique”. We find out that the woman herself is named Lyrica, coincidentally the name of the company’s anti-epilepsy drug. Among other people in her neighborhood whose names have been stolen: cousins Celexa and Femara; Eliquis, the one that lives down the way; Cymbalta, “she’s trouble but she’s fun”; Allegra, who does her hair, and her baby, Nicorette; Seasonique’s nephew, Dayquil, and emotional support dog Humira. When she hears that she will receive the $20 million, she exclaims, “I can finally put Tylenol through college!”


Due to a lack of time, I did not actually watch the episode with Scarlett Johansson. But don’t worry, I consulted with a fellow which is why my last pick comes to you courtesy of my dad, who is just as qualified as I am to make these decisions



Kate McKinnon plays Attorney General Jeff Sessions, imitating his Keebler elf-like demeanor and deep Southern accent perfectly. Sessions has shown up with Senator Al Franken because he wants a do-over. He mumbles in that odd accent that sounds like he’s got something under his tongue, “I’m powerful sorry, my friend, so may I correct the record?”, then giggles like a kindergartener after placing a plastic prop hand on the Bible rather than his real hand. When Franken is finally able to ask Sessions if he swears to tell the truth, the Attorney General replies, “Alababy,” then explains: “That’s an Alabama maybe. Or a baby dressed up like Aladdin. Not that he’d be ‘Aladdin’ in the country.” There’s a brief delay in the audience’s reaction, and then laughter erupts when everyone understands (explanation” “Aladdin” sounds like “allowed in”, referring to Trump’s travel ban). I think he voices many of our feelings at the end when he agrees that it’s amazing he got confirmed. “What can I say? I might talk cute, but I am very scary.” *shudders*

– Beatrice Naujalyte

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