Girls Ultimate Frisbee with Sophia Vaccaro

Q: When is your first game?
A: Our first official tournament was two weekends ago and both the girls and the boys teams placed 3rd in the division!
Q: Where do you play?
A: We’ll have practices outside, starting very soon! Boys and girls teams practice together, so we benefit from having so many different skill levels and so many people willing to help.
Q: What do you enjoy about ultimate?
A: I love how everyone on the team loves the sport, gets along with each other and tries their hardest during games! Ultimate frisbee is self-referred, so the spirit within the Ultimate community is really amazing. At the end of each game, we always create a spirit circle where we give an award to someone the other team that we thought upheld good sportsmanship and followed rules well while while also having fun.
Q: What’s the most important fact we should know about the team?
A: Overall, we’re just a bunch of people who can’t turn down the opportunity to play!

– Ameya Sanyal

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