“Seductive” and “mysterious” barely begin to describe a performance of Cabaret by the Roundabout Theatre Company, directed by BT McNicholl. The heartbreaking plot of this story and its characters are sure to engage all. The cast, ranging from a bubbly yet career-bound show business girl to headstrong and stubborn Germans give lasting impressions of empathy and heartache to the audience.

This drama unfurls around the Kit Kat Klub in Berlin Germany and is told by the club’s Master of Ceremonies. The emcee portrayed by Jon Peterson is a performance to remember with his extravagant German accent, light-hearted fun and desire to please the audience. Peterson’s ability to poke fun and joke with his fellow cast members, yet keep the audience surprised and entertained without becoming annoyed is an exceptional skill.

A key character is Sally Bowles – a Kit Kat Klub entertainer who flies through men and alcohol, is talented beyond measure but remains in denial regarding the harsh realities surrounding her. From the moment Sally (portrayed by Leigh Ann Larkin) steps onto the stage, she radiates playfulness and cheer that contrasts with her constant drinking and unstable persona.  Larkin executes a haunting portrayal of Sally and is able to show the regret and sorrow that follows her constantly.

The show in its entirety consists of memorable songs, wild and fun dance numbers, and a tragic story is sure to entice and tempt anyone who is willing to get out of their room and come hear the music play.

– Aly Rader

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