April Fools’, A Fun-Filled Day for Most

April 1st. A day that many look forward to, while some wish never existed. It has become a tradition here in the United States and in many other countries around the world to pull practical jokes on our family, friends, and sometimes even enemies on the first of April each year. I’ve seen pranks as mild as the classic whoopee cushion on a victim’s chair, to far more extreme pranks such as lotion filled shampoo containers and toothpaste-filled Oreos (which, by the way, is a health hazard and a person should be immediately stopped if they actually take a liking for these). April Fools’ goes far back, but its exact origins are still a bit of a mystery.


There are many theories as to how the tradition of pranking on April 1st came about. Some historians believe that April Fools’ Day dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. According to the Julian calendar, the start of the New Year was March 25th. However, since this was Holy week, New Year’s wasn’t celebrated by most people until April 1st. So, when France switched to the Gregorian calendar, which is the calendar we still follow today, New Year’s day changed to January 1st. Those who could be tricked into believing that April 1st was still New Year’s Day were believed to be called “April fools”. Another theory is that the tradition ties in with the Roman end-of-winter festival, Hilaria, which involved people dressing up in disguises. A final theory is that it has to do with the vernal equinox, when Mother Nature fooled people with unpredictable, changing weather. Whatever its true origin may be, April Fools’ has definitely evolved into its own unique tradition without any official rules.


One superstition surrounding April Fools’ is that the pranking period ends at noon, and any pranks performed after that will give the perpetrator bad luck. This means that if you were planning on pranking multiple people, you should definitely have the pranks planned out beforehand to ensure that you can get them all in before the noon deadline. Another superstition is that those who don’t respond to the pranks with good humor will attract bad luck to themselves. I guess this means that if you’re offered the toothpaste filled Oreo cookies, you should happily eat one, knowing that you’ll at least have clean teeth and fresh breath. 🙂


My personal experience with April Fools’ pranks is pretty limited, but I have seen a couple of pranks in the past. April Fools’ is a pretty cool tradition, since it gives people a chance to lighten up and have some fun with their friends, families, and perhaps even enemies. I think light humor helps people bond and can help form and strengthen friendships. However, humor is very subjective, and it’s important for a person to understand the person they are planning on pranking before carrying out the prank. Considering the personality and sense of humor of the person you’re pranking before you prank them is extremely important, because April Fools’ is supposed to be a day to have fun, not to create long term rifts.


In addition, I believe that having a good balance is also very important. Most people don’t like to always be the victim of pranks. It’s most fun when a person is the victim of a few pranks and pulls a couple pranks on others as well. April Fools’ shouldn’t become a one sided event. it’s also important to recognize that there are others who don’t feel comfortable being victims or perpetrators).


Although April Fools’ may seem pretty low key and it’s almost like you can do whatever you want, it’s important to consider whether the person on the receiving end would appreciate your prank. Jokes and humor may sit well with some people, but not all. It’s always most important to respect people’s boundaries and comfort levels when planning and carrying out a prank. April Fools’ is just one day. Chances are, you’ll see the person you pranked multiple times throughout the year. You want to be comfortable with your prank and the person on the receiving end should be okay with it too, to ensure that friendships aren’t damaged.


April Fools’ is deeply rooted in our world’s culture and history, and has many interesting theories surrounding its origin. Although it is a time of lightheartedness, it’s important to always remain respectful and maintain a good balance through the entire process of pranking and receiving pranks.


Sources: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/april-fools-tradition-popularized,


–  Shruti Sathish

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