JMM Bathrooms Need Improvement

One change is usually followed by another, so after seeing the article about the new bell, I decided to write about the state of our bathrooms. This has been a topic that we’ve had on the table for a potential article, and now is the time for it to be published. It is no secret that our school (having been built in 1966), has some infrastructural problems. Among which the state of the bathrooms is the most shocking and problematic.

First of all, the pressure in the sinks are all wrong, so out of the two sinks in each bathroom, one spews water over the side of the basin, while the other one produces a sad, little wimpy stream. This is a big issue, because whenever you need to wash your hands, you have to choose between getting little dots of water sprayed onto your shirt, or putting your hand as uncomfortably close to the faucet without touching it and waiting several minutes to rinse the soap off of your hands. Not only is this extremely frustrating, but this is the case in every single girl’s bathroom at Memorial, some of which have no working sinks at all!

In addition to the seemingly faulty sinks, there always seems to be multiple mysterious puddles of stagnant water on the floor. Yikes. I don’t have anything more to add on that topic.

I have also heard from some students that some of the stalls in the boys’ bathroom don’t have any doors on them. This is probably the worst problem of all, for obvious reasons. It’s a billion times worse than the one inch cracks separating the sides of the cubicles from the doors in the girl’s bathroom. Absolutely no privacy! What I want to know is; how did the door even go missing in the first place? And how has this problem not been solved yet? Does anybody care about the state of the bathrooms? It makes no sense.

Needless to say, there have been some improvements to the bathrooms at Memorial. Over the summer, new cubicles were installed (the gray ones you now see), replacing the light pink ones of old, and some of the sinks have started to work again. There are still some areas to work on, such as the aforementioned sinks, or the rumored missing door, but for now it is what we have.

We can all agree that the bathrooms at Memorial are in pretty shabby condition. However, there is still hope for conditions to improve. The Physics room got a facelift, so why not the bathrooms?

– Lily Lowndes

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